Lewandowski "crushed" his opponent, and stuck his "pin"!  Thus criticized the pole

find it Robert Lewandowski And the Patrick Chic They fought last season for the Bundesliga’s top scorer title, it would be quite an oversight. The pole crushed his opponent – he scored 35 goals with 24 hits from the second-ranked Czechs.

After the game ended, Liwei publicly stated that his time in Bayern Munich It came to an end. Fortunately, he later made his way and moved to F.C.BBut earlier there were many tensions between Bayern and Robert Lewandowski.

Patrik Schech referred to this situation in an interview with Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, “putting a pin” to Robert Lewandowski.

If you look at Robert Lewandowski who struggled to leave the club, I can tell you that’s not something I want to do. Czech sniper said.

After Robert Lewandowski left the Bundesliga and Erling HaalandPatrick Schick has grown into one of the favorites in the race to be the new season’s top scorer. However, as he himself admitted, this would not be the first goal for him.

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