Micha Hellic is the hero of the match!  What an intervention!  He saved his team! [WIDEO] Pi³ka no¿na

Bransley FC was not a favourite in this match. a team Michel Helik It ranks last in the English language table championship. On the other hand, the WBA is the third team for this undertaking. She showed her superiority from the first minutes. “Baggies” attacked the opponent’s goal fiercely. However, the Polish team’s defense was in good standing and thanks to this, it was possible to keep a clean sheet.

The Magnificent Intervention of the Pole Saved Bransley

Bransley The worst problem was in the 73rd minute games. Karl Ahearne-Grant showed a great position as he used a pass from his teammate and fired a shot. Collins was missing in the host’s goal then and he was close, Helik’s team was losing 0:1. Fortunately, the Pole showed a stunning tackle, managing to hit the ball with the tip of his boot to prevent it from falling into the net. As a result, Baggies had to settle for a corner kick. Eleven sports commentator Michael Hellic described him as the match’s best player.

Lewandowski hits from every position! “He broke a record that has yet to be broken.” [WIDEO]

As it turned out later, the 26-year-old’s defense was decisive in this match. Neither team has been able to score anymore. Favorite Players WBA They missed any of the 11 corners. In the end, unexpectedly, the match ended in a goalless draw.

Let us remind you that Michał Helik was named Branslay FC’s Player of the Year in May this year. With Friday’s signing, he increased his chances of securing another title after this season.

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