The Manchester City midfielder returned to the club exhausted.  Guardiola couldn’t believe it.  “unable to train”

Pep Guardiola touched on Calvin Phillips. The Manchester City coach spoke about the absence of his player and confirmed that this was not due to injury.

Calvin Phillips did not take to the field in the cup match with Liverpool. The England representative also missed the bench and people began to wonder if he hadn’t picked up an injury during the several-week break.

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Pep Guardiola dispelled doubts about this. The Manchester City coach revealed that the midfielder’s absence is not related to injury, but to his terrible physical level.

He returned to the club overweight. I do not know why. He arrived and it turned out that he was unable to train and play – Khan Spaniard.

When he’s ready, he’ll play because we need him the most. We need to talk privately Guardiola added in a press conference.

Journalist Sam Lee reported that it could take about a week for Calvin Phillips to recover from the injury. The first Manchester City match after the resumption of the English Premier League is scheduled to take place on December 28.

The Englishman has made five appearances for the Citizens this season. A shoulder injury that lasted from September to November prevented him from playing more regularly.

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