An amazing phenomenon in the sun.  It is several times larger than the Earth

Reddit user and astronomy enthusiast DeddyDayag has praised social media users for his latest accomplishments. It is captured in the film material Strong solar hurricane. These are the most exciting phenomena we have seen so far on the surface of our star today. They were built from Plasma heating to nearly 3 million degrees Celsius and a size several times larger than our planet. These structures are terrifying with their dynamics.

The amateur astronomer used a 150 mm diameter chromatic refractor with an H-alpha lens for his unusual observation Daystar Quark On the tropical mount Celestron AVX. to register prominence rotating in a magnetic field, I also used a D-ERF IR-Cut chromospheric filter, which revealed these powerful phenomena.

Until recently, astronomers had many ideas about the origin and action of these phenomena on the surface of the Sun. It turns out that these giant tornadoes were formed as a result Strong and rapidly changing magnetic field lines. It raises the plasma, heats it up to millions of degrees Celsius, and rips it in all directions, forming vortexes like vortices.

Numerical simulations indicate that the rotating formations observed in the solar chromosphere are the signs of magnetic structuresThrough centrifugal forces, it forces the solar plasma to move upwards along magnetic field lines, said Mariarita Morabito, a researcher at Rome-Enf.

Its length can reach thousands of kilometers. We can see it in the chromosphere, the layer of the atmosphere named after the color red observed during a total solar eclipse. Astronomers are delighted that solar energy research is entering a new era with the launch of a new generation of telescopes such as the 4-meter Daniel K. Telescope. Inoue Solar in Hawaii.

Some time ago, astronomers working on it provided the most accurate picture of the Sun’s surface in history. We can see giant convection cells on them. Each of them is the size of PolandAnd the smallest diameter is not less than 35 km. The bright centers are the places where the solar material rises, while the surrounding dark bands are the places where the plasma sinks, cools and sinks.

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