The mother got her daughter.  57-year-old dies in Klote Park, Germany - o2

The tragic accident occurred in Clottey Park, Rhineland-Palatinate on Saturday around 4.30pm, an hour and a half before the park closed.. An unidentified 57-year-old woman fell from a moving serpentine train and was mortally wounded. Despite resuscitation, her life could not be saved.

An investigation into this case began on Monday. Initially, police tried to determine if the 57-year-old woman’s death was due to a “third party fault” or if it was an accident. However, the first results indicate that there is no suspicion of a crime.

According to the Koblenz Prosecutor’s Office,New details of the accident were published on Monday, and it was said that the victim “first crept into place when the cable car was in a bend, and then hit the ground from a height of about eight metres”.

A report by the German daily “Bild” suggested In addition toRescue operations were hampered by the accident site, which was difficult to reach.

A witness to a tragic accident said in an interview with “Bild”.No one has manually checked that the safety bars in the wagons are closed properly. Shortly before the tragedy, his daughter was riding the same roller coaster.

The park in Germany is working again

After the park closed three days after the accident, site managers confirmed on Instagram on Tuesday that attractions will reopen to the public from August 9, except for the waiting list where the accident occurred.

Although the roller coaster has been inspected by the German Society for Technical Inspection (TUV)Clutty Park said it plans to conduct a second check to ensure it is fully functional and safe for visitors.

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