Uznano, że za morderstwem stoją ludzie powiązani ze służbami specjalnymi Rosji (fot. Shutterstock)

Germans expelled two Russian diplomats and recalled the Russian ambassador after Wednesday after a Berlin court sentenced Vadim Krasikov to life in prison for the murder of Chechen field commander Zelimchan Changushvili. People connected to the special services of Russia were found behind the murder.

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Foreign Minister Annalina Barbuk described the killing of a Georgian citizen of Chechen origin in the city of Tiergarten in Berlin A serious violation of German law and the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany. As a result, the Russian ambassador was summoned and two diplomats from the Russian embassy were deemed persona non grata, according to the Welt daily.

On Wednesday morning, an appeals court in Berlin sentenced a Russian citizen to life imprisonment because she proved it In the summer of 2019, at the request of the Russian authorities, the man shot a Georgian of Chechen origin in Berlin.

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Barbuk said she spoke by phone on Tuesday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. It clearly indicated that Germany wants “a frank and fair exchange of views with Russia.” “It is clear that actions such as the murder of Tiergarten weigh on this exchange,” Barbock said.

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“Media opinion”

The court found that the Russian state had ordered the killing of its political opponent in Central Europe. The daily Die Welt wrote Wednesday that in response to the Tiergarten murder, Germany must toughen its course toward Russia, as it is not enough to expel two of that country’s diplomats.

The newspaper mentions two cases from Great Britain: “In 2006, Alexander Litvinenko killed a former FSB employee with radioactive polonium. In March 2018, Russian agents smeared a rare Novichok agent with the door handle of an ex-spy Sergei Skripal . He himself survived, a stranger died. For the Russian authorities under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Litvinenko and Skripal were traitors. ”

Western reactions have not been able to stop Putin. After the attempted poisoning of Skripal, Western countries expelled more than 140 Russian diplomats. This did not prevent the Russian intelligence services from poisoning Alexei Navalny, the main politician of the Russian opposition, with a similar substance,” Felt wrote.

Murder at Tiergarten. The Russian was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a Chechen leader

A Berlin court has sentenced Vadim Krasikov to life imprisonment for the murder of Chechen field commander Zelimchan Changushvili …

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The situation worsened and “the regime today deals with political opponents as never before, at the same time massing hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the border with Ukraine. The danger of a new war in Ukraine is real, ”as the daily estimates.

Germany and Europe “must admit to themselves that their behavior towards Russia It does not work. The expulsion of two Russian diplomats in retaliation for the murder of Tiergarten is nothing more than a gesture. Politics must hit Russian rulers where it hurts: In their pockets, wrote Alexig Hoek, commentary author for Die Welt.


Hook says we could adopt tougher, targeted sanctions against people around Putin, freeze their accounts, and cut off the flow of money to Europe. – Because only when regime supporters realize that Moscow’s actions are doing them more harm than good will they increase pressure on Putin – or move away from him – says the author.

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The daily Tagesspiegel wrote in a commentary: “The Berlin Court of Appeal confirmed what the Federal Prosecutor’s Office had previously assumed – that the Russian state was behind the murder on behalf of the country. In this way, the ruling eventually becomes a heavy burden on German-Russian relations and a problem for the new federal government.” .

– This time it is not enough to expel only two diplomats (…) and then act as usual – according to Tagesspiegel estimates.

– This case shows how aggressive the country we are dealing with is. This should be a lesson for those in Germany who believe that further dialogue will somehow mend the broken relationship with Russia. Attacks on opponents of the Kremlin in several countries, attempts to interfere in elections in Western democracies and Moscow’s war against Ukraine They speak for themselves – confirms “Tagspiegel”.

Germany released two Russian diplomats on Wednesday after a Berlin court sentenced Vadim Krasikov to life imprisonment for the 2019 murder of Chechen field commander Zelimchan Changushvili. People linked to Russian intelligence were found to be behind the killing of a Georgian citizen.

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