January 27, 2023


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"Game for the Crown" - premiere of the documentary about Jan Zamoyski on TVP Historia

“Game for the Crown” – premiere of the documentary about Jan Zamoyski on TVP Historia

A nobleman, magnate, patron of the arts and sciences, a politician who performed key functions in the state, and at the height of his career became the unofficial “Vice King” of the Republic of Poland. Why did Jan Zamosky not sit on the throne? A fictional TVP documentary attempts to answer that question. A one-of-a-kind movie directed by Pyotr Jaworsky, “Game for the Crown” will be shown on Saturday at 9:15pm on TVP Historia.

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“Game for the Crown” is a new production of Telewizja Polska made on a large scale and using modern technologies. It is a fictional document that faithfully presents the key moments in Zamoyski’s biography. Rich biography – Jan Zamoski served as many as four Polish kings. These were times of battles, parliamentary quarrels, battles for the throne, execution and even the escape of one of the elected Polish kings, Henrik Wallis.

Jan Zamosky came from a modest family, and after years he was promoted to the position of one of the most important figures in the country. In the movie, his career as a statesman is depicted in the figure Character Book Historical. Individual scenes refer to paintings by Jan Matejko, and group lighting resembles the work of Caravaggio. The scenography also played an important role in the visual concept of the film – the real interiors recreated in the studio were combined with a virtual scene displayed on LED screens. Thanks to the effects and technology used, the film has a strong impact on the imagination and creates a suggestive picture of the events presented.

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Unreal Engine Technology

“Game for the Crown” is one of the first productions in Poland that was almost an integral part of Unreal Engine technology. – In the film, we used highly suggestive graphics by well-known comic book artist in Krakow, Rafai Zappa, which were then animated and brought back to life. The implementation of the scenes organized with the help of actors and actors – with the technology of the Unreal Engine – was to explain the events as faithfully as possible and create the impression that the viewers themselves took part in them – explains director Pyotr Jaworsky.

– Public television should depict pictures of great people, characteristic of Poland, explain their lives, bring viewers closer, but do it in a reliable and interesting way – emphasizes the president Polish TV Jacek Korsky.

Ludmiła Miłaszewicz was responsible for the realistic design of the set, and Marek Jaczak supervised the lighting and images. Jarosław Migoń was the technical director in charge of combining all the technologies. The music was composed by Marcin Gałażyn. Reconstruction group from Podolia Odder Regiment participated in the productionAnd Justina Krzybowska was responsible for the costumes.


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