June 9, 2023


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Barbara Kurdej-Szatan (fot. Radosław NAWROCKI/Forum)

Cordig Satan and hard talk about the border guards. new poll

The overwhelming majority of respondents gave a very negative assessment of the scandalous words of actress and presenter Barbara Cordage-Devil about border guards officers – this is the result of a survey conducted on the Ariadna panel commissioned by Wirtualna Polska. Almost half of the respondents believe that celebrities should be punished.

Devil Qarg apologizes and prevents comments. Internet users do not believe

Three hours after the actress lost her job in the series “M jak miłość” Barbara Cordj Szatan posted on Instagram and…

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In early November, the artist published a post on social media, in which she mentioned the Border Guard officers. “Heartless and Mindless Machines” and “Killers”. The post was removed after several dozen hours.

Play confirmed, in a statement sent to the tvp.info portal at the time, that as part of the collaboration between Kurdi Satin, he only played “the role assigned to it in advertising”, and the company did not sympathize with him. View his views in private profiles. No further consequences have been found yet.

And when the actress lost her role in the Polish TV series, she apologized to the officers, whom she called “murderers.” As reported, the prosecutor’s office took up the issue of celebrity entry.

Media: Play will not extend the contract with Kurdi Satin

The play will not extend the contract with actress Barbara Cordage Satin. “They have enough confusion and arguments” – reports the pudelek.pl site, dealing with life …

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The investigation after Cordage’s words, the Devil

Netizens criticized the actress’ statement. The survey conducted on the Ariadna commission commissioned by Wirtualna Polska showed that respondents want to punish Cordage-Demon and perceive her statement negatively.

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The portal reported that 82 percent of the actress had heard the scandalous words of the actress. survey participants. Only 18 percent have not heard of it. 12 percent of the respondents evaluated the words of Kurdish Satan positively. 66 percent view them negatively. responders. 22 percent have no opinion on this.

“Less than half of Internet users may demand a punishment, with the need to open an investigation by the prosecution regarding insulting the border guards Among those asked, 29 percent fully agree, 17% have less confidence in it, and 19% have no opinion. – We read.

The opposite opinion is shared by 35%. responders. In this group, 18% have absolute certainty.

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