Bled – first good news in a long time.  We know when filming will start

new Blade, the vampire slayerThis time, its events take place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and no longer star Wesley Snipes, but Mahershala is knowledgeable He was announced to play the titular vampire hunter in 2019 during San Diego Comic-Con. Since then, the production has been going through an ordeal. From time to time, information is reported about the subsequent departure of screenwriters, directors and cast members, as well as changes and changes in the concept. It may seem like there is some doom hanging over the production, but… It is very possible that the situation will slowly stabilize. Mahershala Ali remains in the lead role in the project, and director Yann Demange has been named to collaborate with screenwriter Michael Green, who has contributed to films such as Logan: Wolverine whether Blade Runner 2049.

Blade – When will filming start?

This is not the end of the good news. Production Weekly reported this The Blade team is scheduled to begin filming in the fall of 2024. Specifying such a date makes sense in the context of the film's release date At the moment it refers to November 7, 2025although some transformations are possible.

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