Melissa Bedard must make a difficult decision for her well-being

This Friday, singer Melissa Bedard had to make a heartbreaking decision about her health.

In fact, she had to postpone some show dates to let her voice rest.

She writes: ” Hello dears! It is with great regret that tomorrow’s show at Chambly has unfortunately had to be cancelled. Fortunately, it will be postponed until January 20, 2024. You see I am personally very attracted to this situation because I have to take care of myself! My vocal chords can tire my instruments and, like violins and guitars, strings. I am very disappointed but I promise I will get back to you in January. Thank you for your understanding, I love you. xx »

Check out her post with a beautiful photo below.

We wish her a speedy recovery and we congratulate her for choosing herself in this environment.

Note that Melissa Bedard recently celebrated her 33rd birthday with a Barbie-themed evening. The result was amazing.

She spoke to us in an interview about her desire to expand her already generous family. Details here.

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