Patrice offers its first collection of high quality accessories from OD Dans Ouest

Patrice Belinger, Former candidate OD in the west, Publishes a collection of its wallets under its brand name Antoine Victor, And we have uniqueness! Made of elegant and high quality leather, these accessories are made entirely in Portugal and are part of a brand inspired by Patrice from her own travels. Today he officially presents us with Antoine Victor.

One thing we know from his unfortunate love affair on our favorite reality TV show is that it has fascinated us so much today that it is a high quality set that is well thought out, but above all, very practical.

I have always been fascinated by skin: its quality, its feel and its aging over time. Antoine Victor’s goal is to deliver unique and high quality products that will save your everyday personal effects and allow you to keep the stylish look and carry them easily. “, He began with a press release.

The beautiful barber person always has an art and entrepreneurial side. From an early age, fashion was something he greatly admired.

The 23-year-old businessman grew up with his single mother in the Hoselaka-Mizonov neighborhood of Montreal. Fortunately, her family circumstances taught her perseverance, leadership and thirst for success. .

With Antoine Victor, that’s all we get. Created with the utmost interest and unique look, the accessories will not leave you indifferent and, moreover, they are perfect for Christmas stockings!

We say it, we say nothing.

To shop now or for more information on Patrice Bélanger brand products, This is the way it is.

To see some pictures of the products on offer, slide below.

Antoine Victor


Antoine Victor


Antoine Victor


Antoine Victor


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