Elections: Essayist Gilles Proulx not provoked

Columnist Gilles Proulx didn’t mince his words at Richard Martineau’s microphone on Cube Radio Thursday.

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According to him, they had plenty of time to make up their minds.

“The party has been in power for four years. Do you have something to say?” He protested against those who still don’t know who they are going to vote for.

Mr. said that Thursday evening is for them face to face. Proulx believes. But what he regrets the most is the number of votes after crossing the finish line. According to the latest Léger/Le Journal/TVA/QUB poll, François Legault could be elected with less than 40% of the vote.

“This proves how sick democracy is,” said Gilles Proulx.

According to him, he also blames the number of parties which contribute a lot to the scattering of votes. He believes Quebecers should be forced to go to the polls to do their civic duty.

The colorful columnist also criticized François Legault’s inaction on the irregular entries at Roxham Road. According to him, they are more than ever.

“It feels like Rene-Lévesque, Corner Peel,” he imagined shouting in one breath at the scandal.

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