(Quebec) Veronica Hivon notes that the debate over medical aid expansion (MA) in death is less “polar” and “emotional” than ever before.

Caroline Plant
The Canadian Press

The one who is considered the “mother” of the current law at the end of his life feels that some people “satisfy” the population with the right to claim MAID.

“Fears are of lesser importance,” he summed up in a recent interview with The Canadian Press. This law has been in force in Quebec for almost six years, the people have evolved, the consensus is still strong, we can see that there is no slippage.

“It satisfied a lot of people who have held so many positions […] No one dared to question the validity of the current law – it is very attractive. ”

For this reason, the PQ member for Joliet believes “we will never back down”.

Although experts now oppose extending MAID to people with disabilities or those with mental disorders, “this creates a debate until even less polarization. […] And less emotional, ”she reflects.

“There is this common understanding and a certain peace,” he added.

Gillemet says nothing has been decided

The Legalt government set up a special commission on the evolution of the law on life expectancy, for example, in May asked 32 experts about the possibility of extending MAID to patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Before making recommendations, the Commission will read the summaries of citizens and hear the views of the Committees during the public hearings to be held in mid-August.

The question is whether an incompetent person who has already requested can manage MAID. Also, can MAID be provided for the sole cause of mental illness?

Many experts agree with the idea of ​​expanding MAID to put an end to their suffering or anger for people with disabilities or mental disorders.

Many vehemently opposed it, arguing that there were limits to a person’s right to self-determination who could theoretically live.

The imaginary case of a person who applied for MAID after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, but when the time comes, seems happy, especially MP.

That is why nothing has been decided so far, said Cox’s vice president of the commission, Roberwall Nancy Gillemt.

“There is no consensus,” he said. It’s not easy, it’s smooth, it’s very complex. We have to rule out important things. You need to take the time to understand […] How far we are willing to go as a community. ”

MPs are not insensitive to the testimony of 42-year-old writer Sandra Demontikini, who has an early and hereditary form of Alzheimer’s disease.

MMe Demontikni pleaded that he should be given the right to make an initial request for MAID, which would be practicable. When she loses the ability to consent in five or six years, it will be too late, she said, moving the elect to tears.

The Liberal MP for Maurice-Richard, Mary Montpedit recalled. She carried both such pain, such hope and serenity, it was the balance of the trio, it was really very powerful. ”

However, we will make sure that AMM never works cross-cutting, argues Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, a member of the Quebec Solidarity in Goa.

“I don’t think we can have a reflection on how we as a community can lead these people to death without a very serious reflection on what we do as a community in life,” he stressed.

For example, he recalled that experts were angry about the carelessness provided to people with mental disorders such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

“Making MAID easier than life support for these people would be unbearable for our community. […] This cannot be a shortcut to alleviate the suffering of the people due to lack of care. It can’t happen. ”

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