A member of the U.S. Congress wants Canadian citizens to cross the border to be vaccinated in the United States.

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Democrat Brian Higgins told Global News.

“I hope we open the border to Canadians who want to be vaccinated, but not in Canada,” he said.

The Congressman has a large amount present in his country and it should be thrown out after a certain delay. Meanwhile, several mayors of Canadian municipalities near the border are expressing their frustration with the situation.

These elected officials describe how Canadian health officials are obstructing the way of many citizens who want to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

“35,000 volumes are being sent to the bins two kilometers from our home, as we speak,” Windsor Mayor Drew Tilkens lamented last Monday.

Jim Diodati, mayor of Niagara Falls, says Health Canada should refuse U.S. concessions because of that.

“Our American colleagues say we have too much, and ask us if we like them before we throw them away. They would like these sizes to end up in one hand rather than a landscape,” Jim Diodotti explains.

“We have the weapons to get these levels,” he adds.

Says there is no Canadian public health

The head of Windsor Regional Hospital told Global News that he had received a plan from the owners of the Ambassador Bridge, a bridge connecting Windsor (Canada) and Detroit (USA).

They suggested setting up a vaccination center at the end of a bridge located in the United States.

The idea would be for Canadian citizens to cross the bridge, inject themselves without leaving their vehicle and then return home.

Another option would have been to set up a vaccination site in the subway between the two cities so that an American nurse could manage the dose of the vaccine.

However, according to Global News, these plans were rejected by the Public Health Organization of Canada.

To date, half of Americans have received two doses of the vaccine. At the time, more than 9% of Canadians received their two injections.

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