The two individuals beat each other violently through exchanges of messages posted on the social networking site Facebook. Are intertwined in the political arena.

Political News at Cameron This weekend is dominated by the funeral of the leader of the movement AGIR-ACT », Christian Penta Echo, Will be taken to his last home on Saturday, August 28, 2021 Tido To Douala (Literal) Still, two personalities in the Cameroonian public space are engaged in the task of crushing each other around the body of an ex-partner. Maurice Comdo, Chairman Cameron Renaissance Movement (MRC) This is the famous fascist Richard Bona And leaderRepublican Patriotic Alliance (APAR), Celestine Zamen.

The two men give each other a violent blow down the belt by exchanging messages posted for a few days on the social networking site Facebook. A ping-pong game is legal in place of insults, intrigue, ego issues and politics.

It began with a message posted on Twitter on August 25 by Richard Bona announcing his surrender in the struggle for political change in Cameroon. ” I am a citizen of independent Africa … I have believed in it for many years, but it is a lost cause … I am officially leaving this fight … good road “Notified” Ninja.

Tweet on the look of the fight (C) CIN

In Thursday’s analysis on Facebook, a message that Callistin Zamen correctly explained did not send him a punchline as the musician surrendered to the artist. ” Haven’t predicted it since I resigned ??? But ZOUH-AVES will be ZOUH-AVES and the deaf will be deaf … Anyway, a blind woman and a deaf husband usually have not much to share. What does the classic Richard Bona want to share with you? “, The former MRC executive commented, spent time in misery with his former supporters.

An intervention that Richard Bona did not appreciate at all did not prevent the capture of the politician: ” We did not respond to poorly dressed feces called for in the stinking feeder .

This Friday, the intensity of the verbal escalation between the two protagonists increased. The head of the APAR embarked on a new journey in which he challenged Bona’s legitimacy to talk about politics by claiming he was his ancestor in the matter. ” In political matters, although I admire your enthusiastic amateur tendencies, I invite you to cover up. I am not equal to you in politics, I am not even your father or your grandfather, I will be your grandfather if I use a generational metaphor 2, former Mr.

And Richard Bona will return to charge: “Politics is not a job … no. Politics is a civic engagement towards your people … and not looking for me APAR …”, He responded in a message with a video celebrating Celestine’s bail by parodying a song by Bob Marley.

It is important to note that Richard Bona is a sympathizer of MRC and a great admirer of its leader Maurice Comdo.

News from Bail to Bona:

Mr. Ni-Ja Ni-Cannabis (should be checked very carefully). Africans and Cameroonians in particular are very proud of your talent in the art of music. In this regard they will be forever grateful to you for the beautiful image you have of them on the world stage. So, no serious man can deny your artistic talent, certainly not AL Jarreau.

However in political matters, although I appreciate your enthusiastic amateurism, I invite you to cover up. I am not equal to you in politics, I am not even your father or your grandfather, I will be your grandfather if I use a generational metaphor.

Even if you think wrong in good faith, I can not catch you, immersed in crypto-Taliban ecology, where you use words like KK and others … waste, you are unworthy and unworthy of your status. . And as long as politics is an art, dear sir, the slogans of a ninja will always resemble the venom of a non-venomous cobra.

Seems like you are confusing rebellion and commitment. Your rebellion is like the frantic and sharp swing of an M’bolè dancer facing the classic step of a Michael Jackson. Ignorance is a disease of truth but it can be cured. A tweet you quickly delete will not only make you dishonest, but also make you a political kid looking for you. However, you will succeed, but with more diligence.

Eliminate only “Afghans” because their harmful pollution rate is higher than chikungunya.

Good day to you dear brothers

Bona’s line in the song:

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