Cowboys make friends sing Quebec

There is nothing like a rock concert than the moments when an artist and the crowd compose music and we all sing a hit that is familiar to the mind.

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Such a moment of grace occurred on Saturday night at the VideoTron Center, when members of the Cowboys Fringe and nearly 11,000 fans, many of them holding each other’s shoulders and singing in unison. Autumn song, The title, which took the band out of its native Repenigny twenty years ago, was reminiscent of its singer Carl Trembley.

Already festive, the Cowboys’ first career concert in the capital’s amphitheater was then engaged in fifth gear, or it was in sixth gear, and the love story between the band and its fans from Quebec was enriched by another remarkable chapter.

In the middle of their album tour Antibodies, In it they have already received three Bell Centers and a significant visit to Paris, where the Cowboys used heavy artillery: that is, a selection of hits from all their albums and even the coverEnter Sandman, Metallica, especially to the people of Quebec.

Start the party

Now those who are good at running the party with their punk energy, the team bets first The houses are all the same, bye bye loo And “Ba Ba Da” T-ass To warm his world.

Then, happy moments of oneness followed each other, to the sound Straight, demonstrative And America is crying.

Always unleashed, Jerome Dubras undertook the task of raising the temperature when the situation required, while Mary-Annick Leibniz and Jean-Fran்கois Pace exploded on violin and guitar. In voices, Carl Tremble is a master of immaculate ceremonies.

Although they slowed down, the connection was strong during the most beautiful deliveries Nothing And On my shoulder, At the videotron center glowing with hundreds of cell phones. The magic!

In the first part, Mary-Annick Leibniz read some titles from her latest solo album. Between Beaurivage and L’Ange-Gardien. A good performance from the side of the great Mara Tremble and Catherine Durand.

“Our greatest treasure”

Carl Tremble and Jerome Dubras, who met behind the scenes a few hours before the concert, were delighted to see that the band has now teamed up with four generations of fans.

Children 7-8 years old should rub shoulders with senior citizens. In which they are proud.

Singer Carl Trembley said, “This is our greatest achievement, our greatest treasure.

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