Media: Hajtou will fight another player.  There is a time to fight

Instagram / Thomas Hajto / Pictured: Tomasz Hajto

Michal Melnick

Tomasz Hajto returns to the Clout MMA octagon. The former footballer is scheduled to face the second representative of this discipline at the next Federation ceremony. According to Super Express, his competitor will be Jakub Worzyniak.

The owners of Clout MMA are poised to be a real hit for football fans. The third concert of this strange fighting federation will take place on December 29 in Warsaw. The organizers have not yet announced any names that will appear in the Octagon, but the media in our country carried the first reports.

According to what was reported by “Super Express”, Thomas Haito returns to the appraiser of this organization. This year, the former footballer has become very involved in the promotion of Clout MMA, thanks to Sławomir Peszko, who is one of the owners of the organization.

Gianni’s famous opponent is set to be another retired footballer, Jakub Worzyniak. This is a big surprise to the entire fighting and football community. A former player, among other things Legia Warsaw was seen at celebrity fight festivals, and now he will fight there himself.

Tomasz Heitow had his first fight on August 5 during the Clout MMA 1 concert. Then his opponent was retired volleyball player Zbigniew Bartman. The fight ended with the victory of the latter, who defeated his opponent with a naked choke in the second round.

Watch the video: Tomasz Romanowski on the fight with Damian Janikowski and backstage at the concert at the National

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