measles  "Build" as the water level rises.  'Despite the drought'

Minister of the Environment of the German state of Brandenburg Axel Vogel He said he had already received information about The high water level in the river, which was difficult to justify due to less rainfall.

Fish die from poison. Perhaps these are the substances that have always been discharged into the Odra, and now they are not diluted enough due to the lowering of the water level – the politician said.

The cause of the deaths of fish, birds and other animals has not yet been clarified. The toxic chemicals are believed to have been intentionally discharged into the Odra River from a factory. At first, it was suggested that mercury was the cause of fish deathsHowever, recent results of Polish and German research have ruled out such a possibility. Currently, the main command High salt concentrationthat may be present in contaminated wastewater.

– A huge amount of chemical waste may have been poured into the river with full knowledge of the risks and consequences – wrote on Friday on Facebook Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

On Saturday, it was agreed Million zlotys prize To determine the perpetrator of river water pollution.

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