February 2, 2023


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The Russians had a "big plan".  Documents have been found in the affected areas

The Russians had a “big plan”. Documents have been found in the affected areas

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine lasted nearly 80 days. on time 3,381 civilians were killed and 3,680 injured – According to the latest official budget of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). – The actual number of dead, however, is thousands more – The head of the UN mission in Ukraine indicated on Tuesday Matilda Bogner.

This was reported by the Ukrainian State Investigation Bureau (DBR). Trościańcu in Sumy Oblast Important documents of the Russian Armed Forces were found. They show that Russia She was preparing to occupy the entire territory of Ukraine. The bodies of 23 victims, including two children, were also exhumed.

Information about investigation activities was provided by the Director of the DBR Oleksiy Sukhachev. The officers searched more than 2,000 hectares of the city, which was destroyed by the invaders. The positions of the combat units and firing positions were determined. The documents and personal belongings of the Russian soldiers were also secured.

The war with Russia entered its second phaseOur country is facing a very difficult and long phase of full struggle liberation of the territory of Ukraine Within the limits recognized by the international community – said Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malar, citing UNIAN, at a press conference.

The comprehensive invasion is now in its third month… The breakthrough was to defend Kyiv Malar explained.

She noted that the main objective of the occupiers was to seize the capital within a maximum of two weeks and thus complete control of Ukraine. – In (…) this first stage of the war, the enemy (…) did not achieve these goals. (…) At that time, the occupier used its own elite units – confirmed the deputy minister.

According to Malar, at the initial stage of the conflict, the Russians massed a large number of troops around Kyiv and the Kiev region. Then the enemy incurred heavy losses in personnel, equipment and weapons. At the same time, she noted that Russia still has a lot of resources and can withstand prolonged and intense hostilities, which may characterize the second phase of the conflict.


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