USA: She did not know about her father’s past.  He confessed this on his deathbed

Thomas Randell fell ill Lung CancerRegarding whether he started chemotherapy in March 2021. While he was on his deathbed, he decided to reveal his greatest secret to his daughter. While in a hospital in the Boston suburbs, he revealed that his real name was not that Thomas Randell He is a fugitive whom the police have been searching for for more than 50 years.

He said his real name was TheodoreAnd the title Conrad. He admitted that he was forced to change his identity because of… At the age of 20, he robbed a bank in Ohio and stole $215,000. dollar. At the same time, he asked his daughter not to search for detailed information on this topic. However, curiosity Ashley randell She won. I typed “Ted Conrad is missing” into the search engine and the first thing that came up was “Tiller Robs Vault Bank.” The woman found hundreds of articles on the subject and couldn’t believe they were all about her father.

She discovered her father’s past. He has been wanted by police for more than 50 years

Ashley found out that her father He committed one of the largest robberies in Ohio history. While working in a bank, On Friday, July 11, 1969 AD. She walked into a National Association Bank branch in Cleveland and found $215,000 in a paper bag. dollar. The bank did not discover the theft until Monday, July 14, giving Conrad a significant advantage over services.

It was wanted Arrest warrant, and information about him was broadcast, among other things, in “America’s Most Wanted.” The discovery of the parents’ past was shocking because in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, Thomas Randelli was a respected car salesman, a devoted husband, and a caring father. He went to Ashley’s games and, ironically, donated to local police charities. He also spent hours watching NCIS and other crime shows.

The woman told her father about her discoveries and stated that her mother also needed to know the truth. – She read articles online and kept saying, “Oh my God! Oh my God!” – recalls 38-year-old Ashley. She added that her father He didn’t live as if he were hiding, But after discovering his secret Some behaviors started to make sense. For example, when he was young he had no facial hair, but later he grew a beard. in addition to He rarely took off his hat in public and never traveled abroad.

The woman stated that she and her mother once begged her father to go to France together, but he opposed it. He explained that he is not a fan of traveling abroad, and in his opinion there are many interesting things that can be seen in the United States of America without having to travel abroad. In reality He did not have a passport because he could not obtain one legally.

After Thomas Randelli’s death, the police discovered his secret

Knowing that her father would only live a few months at most, she and her mother decided not to notify services. – The last thing I wanted was to see my sick 71 year old father go to prison – I remembered. Meanwhile, the two women declared that discovering Thomas’s secret did not change their feelings, but they wanted to know the details from him.

Thomas Randell He died in May 2021. The women decided so They would grieve for a year and then report to services, but the police beat them. In November 2021, US marshals showed up at the door of their family home in Linfield.

It turns out After Thomas’ death, his obituary was sent to an Ohio crime reporter noting that the dead man was possibly a wanted Conrad. Obituaries included also My parents’ names are Conrad.

He handled the case US Marshal of Ohio Pete ElliottSon of John Elliott, who devoted most of his ministry career to solving theft. The man died in 2020, and his son decided to end the investigation. The officers said Verified and verified by many documents Including, among others: the bankruptcy petition filed by Randell in 2014, along with the petition filed by Conrad in 1967.

Recalling the day she met the sheriff, Ashley Randelli said the look on her face probably told investigators all they needed to know because Elliott, who was standing in the doorway, said the girl probably “knows why they’re coming.”

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