Who is Robert Lewandowski's sister?  Meet Milena Lewandska

Milena Lewandska She is the sister of the most popular Polish footballer, Robert Lewandowski. Although she is older than him, she often remains in her brother's shadow due to his immense popularity and successes on the field. Few people know that Melina also achieved her own successes, and although she has a love for sports in her genes, she chose a different career path.

Milena Lewandska For years she played sports, and her favorite field was volleyball. She was even in the AZS Polityka Warszawska team. However, she decided not to link her future with sports. Although she did not choose a sports career, she is still active and plays for fun.

Milena Lewandowska Miros got married In 2014 Radoslav Miros, owner of the luxury suit brand Senior Leon. Together, the couple has achieved great success in the fashion industry. Robert willingly helps his sister advertise the company -He often appears at parties in their brand suits.

what is important, Siblings have excellent communication with each other Whenever their schedule allows, they spend time together. Melina also had a crush on her sister-in-law, Anna Lewandowska She participated in organized sports trips several times.

His sister also supported Robert when he began his adventure with FC Barcelona. She then posted a photo together on Instagram and wrote: “Travelling almost halfway around the world to see his debut.”

alone Robert Lewandowski's sister is a happy wife and mother of two children – A son and a daughter, whom they love to show off on their Instagram account @lewandowskamilena7. Recently, Melina has been showing off her home designs on her social media profile – has she become involved in architecture or investing?

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