Will a mineral discovered in a meteorite 50,000 years ago advance the technology?

The meteorite, which contains the precious find, was discovered in 1891, although it fell to Earth 50,000 years ago, causing a huge crater in Arizona, in the United States.

Meteorites are rocky fragments that, at some point in their journey, have passed through the Earth’s atmosphere and hit the earth’s surface.

In the case of this meteorite, found in Diablo Canyon in the Arizona desert, it is estimated that the rock was originally Its diameter is 30 meters and its weight is 60,000 tons.

Upon entering the atmosphere, friction results in a high temperature and the body begins to burn. This intense heat and impact force allowed the formation of the mineral called Lonsdalete.

The meteorite has a complex nanostructure consisting of Interlocking diamonds and graphene-like structures. Scientists set out to recreate lonsdaleite under laboratory conditions, which proved to be quite challenging. It required heating the diamond anvil to 400°C or gunpowder and compressed air to release the graphene at a speed of…25,000 km/h. It can now be recreated in the lab at room temperature.

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We remind you that diamond is an allotrope of carbon. It usually forms small crystals similar to an octahedron. he is The hardest natural materialResistant to high temperatures.

Graphene is a nanostructure consisting of carbon atoms bonded in a hexagonal shape. Its shape resembles a honeycomb. It is a very good conductor of heat and electricity, and is resistant to stretching.

Scientists believe that the graphene diamond structures discovered in the future can be used in engineering, including Electronics production with high charging speed.

Christoph Salzmann, co-author of the study, also believes that in the future it will be possible to control the growth of structures, which will allow the creation of new materials that are highly rigid and stretchable, among other things.

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