Matt Selwester Chansinski.  Created a comedy trilogy about Pawlaki and Kargula

Film director Sylwester Chosinski died on Wednesday in Wroclaw at the age of 91. He was the author of a comedy trilogy about the Pawlak and Kargula families, starting with the 1967 movie “Sami swoi.” During his 45-year career as a director, he directed 16 feature films, and also received a number of honors and awards.

His son informed the doctor Igor Chesinsky of the director’s death. The mayor of Wroclaw, Jacek Sotrik, also posted a commemorative entry on social media.

“The gentleman is just gone: Sylwister Chosinski. Outstanding director and creator of the ‘Sammy Sue’ epic, which amuses posterity. We bid you farewell, honorary citizen of Wroclaw. We will never meet again for a walk in South Park. We will always remember you and thank you for the last encounter.” – Sotrik wrote on Facebook.

“Sami Soi”, “Not strong”, “Love it or leave it”.

Selwester Chuchinsky is best known for his trilogy of comedies, stories about the fates of the Kargola and Pavlac families: “Sammy Sue”, “Nee Ma Muknish” and “Kuchage or Throw”. They have appeared in such famous actors as Wacław Kowalski, Władysław Hańcza, Anna Dymna, Jerzy Turek and Janusz Kłosiński, among others.

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A still from the movie “Sami Swi”.East News / Film

Two of his other films, which had a movie audience of millions of dollars, are “Wielki Szu” with Jan Nowicki in the main role and the comedy “Rozmowy Kontrolowane” about martial law in excellent acting with Stanisław Tim in the main role, Irina Kwiatkowska, Alina Janowska and Jerzy Turek, Marian Opania, Ryszard Kotys, and Krzysztof Kowalewski.

“Historia Yellow Ciżemki” with the debut of a film by a well-known director

Sylwester Chęciński was born on May 21, 1930 in the Lublin region. In 1950, he graduated from the 1st Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Jędrzej Śniadeckiego in Dzierżoniów, and in 1956 the directing department at the State Film School in ód.

He directed his first film, The History of the Yellow Ciżemki in 1961. In the years 1976-1980 he was the deputy artistic director of the film company “Iluzjon”, and in the years 1988-1991 the deputy artistic director of the film company “Kadr”.

Sylwester Chosinski has died at the age of 91PAP / Ravi Joz

For his life achievements, he was awarded “Platinum Lions” at the 39th Gdynia Film Festival (2014) and the Eagle Award for Life Achievements (2017). He himself starred in one movie, Wadislaw Sikora’s low-budget comedy “Fairy Tale About People From Here” produced in 2003.

Chęciński, during his 45-year career as a director, has produced 16 feature films – in 1961 “Historia Yellow Chimki”, in 1964, “Agneska 46”, in 1965 “Catastrophe”, in 1967 “Sammy Sowe”, in 1969 “Only the dead will answer” in 1970 “Legend”, in 1971 “Raja’s Diamond”, in 1971 “First Love”, in 1973 “Droga”, in 1974 “Nie ma mnych”, in 1977 “Love it or leave it”, In 1978 “Roman and Magda” 1980 “Because I’m Crazy About Her” 1982 “Big Show” 1991 “Controlled Conversations” 2006 “The People of Ulan Arrived.”

In 2020, he was awarded the Commander’s Cross with the Star of the Order of Bologna Restituta. Earlier, in 2014, he was awarded the Commander’s Cross of Bologna Restituta, and in 1974 he was awarded a Knight of the Order of Bologna Restituta. In 2015, the provincial government awarded him the title of Honorary Citizen of Lower Silesia.

Main image source: PAP / Ravi Joz

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