Minimum wage increase: December 8, 2021. The government raised the minimum salary to PLN 3010.  How much will it be on hand

From January 1, the total minimum wage will be PLN 3010, and the hourly rate will be PLN 19.70. Regarding the minimum wage, this amount is 10 PLN more than the government established in June 2021 and submitted for consultation in the Council for Social Dialogue. How many more will actually appear in our portfolios?

It is already known that the minimum wage for work from the new year will rise by PLN 210 gross – up to PLN 3,010.
Neetu gives it to her PLN 2 163.56 Because PLN 293.78 will be taken by the retirement insurance and PLN 45.15 by the disability insurance.

How much will be on hand? It is also based on Personal Income Tax (PIT). Many people will not pay it at all, and some may not pay income tax even for 10 months. It all depends on changes in taxes that provide new opportunities

On the other hand, it is related to the minimum salary amount The hourly rate was set at the lowest level of 19.70 PLN. This means an increase of 1.40 PLN compared to 2021.

Next year, the minimum wage will be 50.8 percent. The expected average salary in the national economy for 2022 (5922 PLN).

A very harsh winter is coming: 10/11/2021. The weather for today, every …

At the meeting on September 14, 2021, the Cabinet adopted the regulation on minimum wages for work in 2022. Next year, the minimum wage will rise to 3,010 PLN, and the hourly rate will be 19.70 PLN.

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