Disney Fires Head of Marvel Entertainment!
Big changes in the Disney “family”. More than 7,000 employees are being laid off. We recently learned that the entire metaverse division was hit with the axe, and now the New York Times has revealed it Marvel Entertainment president Ike Perlmutter has quit his job.

He was an enemy of Kevin Feige, and was preparing a coup d’état for Disney. Who is Ike Perlmutter?

Ike Perlmutter Born in Palestine, raised in Israel, and participated in the Six Day War. He immigrated to America with only $250 in his pocket. But he had a knack for selling. He taught himself the basics of accounting. This allowed him to develop more interests.

He has been a member of Marvel’s Board of Directors since 1993. In 1995 he became its Chairman. When Marvel went bankrupt in 1996, Perlmutter was at war for control. He finally succeeds with the help of Avid Arad. The new company was named Marvel Entertainment Since 2005 Perlmutter has held the position of CEO. He also held this position after he sold the company to Disney.

This led to a war with Marvel film director Kevin Feige. He had for example decided to remove Terrence Howard from the MCU and replace him with Don Cheadle, commenting that “all black people look the same”.

He poured a cup of bitterness on him “Doctor Strange”. When Feige refused to comply with Perlmutter’s demands, Perlmutter insisted on his release. And it ended with the intervention of Bob Iger, Disney’s then (and recently again) president. thanks to him Marvel Studios has been separated from Marvel Entertainmentand Feige will answer directly to Alan Horn from then on.

However, Perlmutter retained control of the Marvel Television division. Answered by Jeph Loeb. That changed in 2019 when Marvel Television It no longer exists and has been absorbed by Marvel Studios.

In January 2023, Perlmutter endorsed businessman Nelson Peltz, which started a brutal battle for a seat on Disney’s board of directors. Peltz made no secret of his displeasure with the dismissal of Bob Chapek and his replacement with Iger. Unexpectedly in February, Peltz gave up.

Marvel Entertainment’s handling of comic book publishing and merchandise production would become part of Disney’s other divisions. For now, Middle East Chief Dan Buckley will remain in his position.

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