Math problems or cynical manipulation?  Gertich counted at the papal procession in the capital … 500 people

On the eighteenth anniversary of the death of John Paul II, parades of thanksgiving to the pontificate of Poland are organized in many Polish cities. John Paul II died 18 years ago on the eve of Sunday, April 2, 2005 at Divine Mercy Day 9:37 PM in the Vatican. He was 84 years old

The largest papal procession took place in the capital. The Center for Life and Family was responsible for organizing, with the support of others, Catholic Action, the Rosary without Borders, Scouts, Solidarity and the “Gazeta Polska” clubs.

According to preliminary estimates, about 200 thousand people took part in it. the people.

As it turns out, there are people in Poland who are trying to reduce social support for St. John Paul II. One of these people is Roman Gertic. According to his calculations, only 500 people took part in the march in the capital.

500 people at the papal procession in Warsaw. Regulators disaster. They can probably blame the weather, but in that case they have to assume the sky didn’t want the march on, April 2nd felt -1 and rain

– wrote the shepherd on Twitter.


Beata Mankowska

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