Jupiter has a cannibal past.  This was confirmed by data from the Juno probe

The Juno spacecraft is already exploring Jupiter for a few years. So far, the NASA ship has provided us with a wealth of valuable information about the gas giant’s atmosphere, but not only that. The data collected by the probe also shows the presence of many heavy elements in the core of the planet. Scientists think they know why.

The rest of the shots are under the video window

Scientists looked at the chemical composition of the nucleus of Jupiter and said that this indicates the presence of a cannibal engines. This means that it was a gas giant in the early years of the solar system Absorbs other minor planets, that is, minor planets that are just forming.

So, without Jupiter, we probably would have more Earth-like or Mars-like planets in the solar system. The new research was based on computer models. On this occasion, the scientists also used data collected by an older probe called Galileo.

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