A massive eruption on the dead star pushed the particles to incredible speeds

RS Ophiuchi is a binary system consisting of an ordinary star and white dwarf. It is about 5000 meters away. A light year and there’s a new period- Recurring eruption approximately every 15-20 yearsThe last of which took place in 2021.

Scientists used HESS (High Energy Stereoscopic System) telescopes in Namibia to observe RS Ophiuchi. The search was carried out for a month, thanks to which it was possible to see how powerful the shock wave, which was the result of the new wave. located there Particles have been accelerated to the limits of cosmic speed.

Photo: ESY/HESS, Science Communication Lab

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The accelerating particles from RS Ophiuchi reached speeds hundreds of times higher than those previously observed in other new stars. So much so that they have reached the maximum speed that theoretical models provide.

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