Do wormholes exist?  According to scientists, it is surprisingly common

Black holes would be a kind of portal that creates links between the ends of wormholes. Bulgarian researchers presented their hypothesis in p physical review d. According to them, the radiation coming from the disks of matter orbiting around the edges of wormholes can be almost indistinguishable from the radiation associated with black holes.

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Ten years ago, wormholes were entirely in the realm of science fiction. Now they are entering the frontiers of science and people are actively looking for them.

explains Petya Nedkova of Sophia University

Wormholes are also referred to as Einstein-Rosen bridges. Of course, their existence – at least according to current scientific knowledge – is only hypothetical. Differences in the polarization of the light emitted by both types of objects will be used to distinguish between black holes and entrances to wormholes. Models indicate that this difference will be less than four percent.

Unfortunately, astronomers do not currently have the technology to detect such subtle changes. Future telescopes should be useful, though we’ll have to wait for it. There is, of course, an effective, albeit unpleasant, way to find out exactly what’s inside a black hole. However, it is doubtful that anyone would want to test it on their own skin … All the more so that the environment could not figure out what such a daredevil saw anyway.

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Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen described the Einstein-Rosen bridge in 1935. Decades later, scientists have returned to our findings at the time and it may turn out that Einstein – as we are already used to the rest – was not wrong. His general theory of relativity lasted for over a hundred years.

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