Champions League.  Jastrzębski coal - Friedrichshafen.  Result and Relationship

The residents of Jastrzębie continue their winning series. Wednesday They won the 17th game in a row. His achievements include matches in the PlusLiga and the Polish Cup, but also a whole bunch of victories in the Champions League. They have only lost two sets in six matches. The competitors were not the strongest, but the Polish champions scored their goals with great consistency.

At the start of Wednesday’s meeting, the guests surprised the Polish team with a service. First, I was lucky Lucas MasseyAlso referred to two aces Luciano Vicentine. Thanks to this, the first minutes of the premiere were even. However, the residents of Jastrzębie quickly mastered the situation – they felt it, among others their mass and took the initiative 11: 6.

He was brilliant in attack Jan Hadrava. The attacker also added a point with a ban and a service that Libero visitors could not handle. At the end of the first group, replace the urbanization with some work Arpad Baruti. It was the Hungarian attack that ended the match, which the Polish champions won 25:18.

Baruti was a substitute for Hadrava, because he is out of the game again Stephen Boyer. The Frenchman, who only returned to the game at the weekend after more than two months of a break, must stop again due to a hand cut.

In the second set, the Germans started again with strong plays and a three-point advantage. He had a problem at the party Rafai SzimoraWho is the coach? Andrea Gardini Gave a chance in this group. The host also erred in attack, but the whole team was a bit sluggish with an easy win in the first match.

As a result, the guests traveled for a long time. Jastrzębie caught them in the middle of the group – games helped them Jacob MaceraAnother backup. But VfB Friedrichshafen didn’t drop the tune and came out at 18:15. back to the field Thomas FornalBut the situation cannot be controlled. The guests unexpectedly won at 25:23.

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The Germans came to Poland in a weak team of only 10 players. This season they are not impressed. They’ve only won the Champions League once, and they’re not doing well in their local backyard.

Their coach was certainly happy with his arrival at Jastrzębie-Zdrój Mark LepidioWho in the past led the Polish team. While he could praise his volleyball players in the second game, his players fared much worse in the third game. Send a wake-up signal to hosts with powerful plays Yuri Gladier. His team quickly jumped to his rivals by six points. This feature allowed for free play. Hadrava was still unstoppable, and Macyra was still a surprise with his play. Team Jastrzębie won in 25:15.

At this point, they earned a point that secured them a place in Friday’s Champions League quarter-final draw. In the fourth half, Giardini gave a chance to the substitute player. Volleyball players rarely appear on the field, incl. Simon Benik if Wojciech Szwed. The guests took advantage of that and again jumped to four points.

The Jastrzębians were able to get close to them, because Baroti was performing well on the right wing. In the end, the attacker added a powerful serve. The finish was equal, but even the other six managed to beat their competitors from Germany. He finished with a score of 25:23.

Coal Jastrzębski: Hadrava, Wiśniewski, Clevenot, Toniutti, Gladyr, Fornal – Popiwczak (Libero), Tervaportti, Baroti, Szymura, Macyra, Szwed, Biniek (Libero), Cedzyński

VfB Friedrichshafen: Maase, Van Berkel, Bonin, Thiel, Bohme, Vicentin-Aylsworth (Libero), Pekovi, Aganits

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