Roman Cutani revealed the names of three coaches with whom the President of the Polish Football Association has begun negotiations

It is still not known who will lead the Polish national team in the near future. President PZPN – Cesare Colizza – is still looking for a successor to Czeslaw Michnovic, with whom the relationship was not extended until the end of the year.

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In the course of working with our employees, many names from Poland and abroad have already been mentioned. Among the candidates to take over the team are: Marek Babszon, Jan Urban, Andriy Shevchenko, Hervé Renard, Paulo Pinto and Vladimir Petkovic.

Until Monday, it was also a realistic option Robert Martinez. The Spaniard, who until recently managed the Belgium national team, was presented on Monday as the new coach of the Portuguese national team. So who will lead our team?

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In an interview with Al-Bawaba Machiki Journalist Roman Cotoi reported with whom Colizza had been negotiating recently. – I can confirm that Vladimir Petkovich played. Of course there was contact with him – said Kołtoń.

Who is the selector?

And he added: – I can also say that Hervé Renard got a call and he’s excited, because Marek Joviac told me about it. So is Paulo Bento, whose theme is also played.’s Dawid Szymczak sheds a different light on this matter. “The key to understanding the saga with selector selection is that PZPN does not work in a vacuum. Other federations around the world are also looking for coaches for their national teams. And sometimes they reach the same addresses with offers, because how many coaches have proven themselves as selectors and still want to work in this The role, it is limited. Roberto Martínez received an offer from Poland, but first preferred to look at the coach from Portugal and accepted it. Not surprising, given the potential of both representations.”

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He added: “Hervé Renard, who is also linked to Poland, first of all still has a valid contract with him.” Saudi Arabia Until 2027, and secondly, he also has a great brand in Africa (he won the Africa Cup of Nations twice), so he’s getting offers from there as well. Mexico, which will co-host the next World Cup, is also interested in it, which makes its offer even more attractive. On the other hand, Paulo Bento, after leaving the group at the World Cup with South Korea, hopes to attract the interest of several federations or clubs from strong leagues and will be able to pick and choose offers.

The debut of the new coach will take place on March 24 in Prague Matchstick Euro 2024 qualifiers. Three days later, the Polish national team will host Albania.

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