Hugo Pop!  |  White night in black perfume

An older biker than ever, someone too confused or too intoxicated has already said that.

A petition two and a half years later, here comes the long-awaited sequel to the perfume soap opera A sleepless night, resurrected by the Amazon Prime Video platform. And, pschit, pschit, to quote the magazine Elle QuebecIt smells good in our living rooms.

At 12 hours long, Julie Hivon’s miniseries, historical drama and soap opera, condensed into eight tightly packed episodes, accelerates (thankfully!) the intrigue of murder and mystery set in the world of luxury cosmetics and perfumes.

To be 100% honest, I completely forgot the story of the first 12 episodes of the first season. A sleepless nightNevertheless, I immersed myself in the passion of a young man to find print. So I started shuffling this “soap” like a card game, constantly calling my TV: But who is this character again? A small “before” type section A sleepless night » A reminder would be appreciated, thanks.

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