Batgirl is ready, but she’s coming to the shelf
Warner Bros. The premiere of the blockbuster comedy “Batgirl” has been halted. Although a date seems to be a matter of time, the movie won’t be available in cinemas or on any streaming platforms anytime soon.

Filming of The Adventures of Barbara Gordon has ended, and she is in the final stages of post-production. Despite this, the project has been put on hold – and as the deadline makes clear – the reason is not technical. This, however, is the effect of the studio’s new restrictive policy, which limits the number of premieres on streaming platforms and cinemas. According to reports from the website, “Batgirl” did not join the group of priority cinema projects of Warner Bros – a norm in the case of blockbuster films is that the budget is more than 90 million dollars (“Batgirl” cost only 70 million). However, the studio has not released an official statement on the matter.

What do we know about the movie “Batgirl”?

Details of the plot are unknown. However, the film is known to be set in the same universe as the shows directed by Zack Snyder. That’s why JK Simmons will appear as Commissioner Gordon. The cast also includes Michael Keaton, who will also appear as Batman / Bruce Wayne in the theatrical scene “The Flash”.

Bat Girl appeared on the pages of DC Comics in 1961. Then it was Betty Kane, who worked in a superhero costume as Batwoman’s assistant. However, the real beginning of Batgirl is 1967 and the comic book “Million Dollar Batgirl Appearance!”. In this version, Barbara Gordon, daughter of Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, was behind the Bat Girl costume. It is this version of heroin that will appear in the new show. It will be played by Leslie Grace.

Duo Adel Elaraby and Bilal Falah, who have established themselves in Hollywood with “Bad Boys for Life”, are responsible for directing.

Trailer for “Bad Boys for Life”

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