Martin Matt Live: Christine Moranci falls victim to Pierre Hébert’s trick on TV and her reaction is perfect

Christine Morency was the victim of Pierre Hébert’s hoax live on television Thursday evening, on the set of the show. Martin is matte and direct.

With the complicity of the technical team, Martin pretended to be ill during Matt’s break and would not be able to go on air in time, so he left the controls of his talk show to his guest.

The comedian, who sold more than 100,000 tickets for his debut show “Grace,” surprised the audience by welcoming the audience to the stage completely alone.

Christine Morency, however, recovered quickly. During the comedian’s time working with these people, he instinctively told a story about the great generosity of Mrs. Liz Vathier, who brought homeless women a big party and cosmetics for the holidays.

After filling in a few minutes of time, Christine Morenci was joined by her friend Pierre Hébert. Absolutely afternoon! Rouge on weekdays, and Martin Matt in top form.

“I hurt people with jokes”

Christine Morency, whose outspokenness comes as a surprise to no one, admitted to Martin Matt on Thursday evening that she has hurt people with her jokes, regardless of herself.

“I’ve had to hurt people with jokes, and I think the more experience I’ve had on stage, the more I’ve tried to learn that behind a joke, you have to have the feeling of the other person,” he said.

“After this, do I stop joking? I think it’s good, and if I accept it, I do it,” he added, adding that he would never fall into pure cynicism.

Martin’s final words

At the beginning of the show, the host wanted to send a small word to his audience, highlighting the end of a great adventure that lasted only one season. “It’s really an adventure, a big adventure,” he said at first.

“I took a big risk by hosting this show. This is the first time I have hosted a talk show and I have never received so many insults on social networks,” he added, admitting that his role was more difficult than he imagined, but on the whole, he does not regret anything.

As far as audience ratings go, not necessarily every week, Martin Matt is proud of his performance.

“Whether it is 800,000, 200,000, 400,000, 500,000 people, I have no control over that. All I can do is give the best I can and that still makes us happy every week,” he thanked the public.

Christmas with Maude Landry

Comedian Maud Landry visits the real Santa Claus from Place Versailles and takes the opportunity to find little gifts to give to Martin Matt and his guest, Christine Morenci.

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