Hotel Series Cancelled, Here's When The Last Episode Will Air

The “Hotel” series starring Nathalie Coupal, Marie-evelyne Lessard and Emmanuel Schwartz will end after just one season next April, the QMI agency has learned.

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TVA and Quebecor Content explained via email that this was a programming choice that had nothing to do with the quality of the series, produced by Sophie Deschênes (“Before the Accident”, “A Criminal Case”, “19-2”) from Sovimage.

“Following reflections on TVA’s medium-term programming strategy, TVA and Quebecor Content have decided not to renew the series “Hotel”, which will end in April 2023. Obviously, announcing the end of a series is not easy. However, our platforms offer programming that offers a diversity of original Quebec productions. To be successful at giving, year after year, we have to make choices – sometimes heartbreaking.

The first 12 episodes were directed by Eric Tessier, the other 12 episodes were directed by Jean-Carl Boucher, from scripts by Nathalie Bordelais, Rachel Cardillo, Marie-Frédéric Laberge-Milot and Anne Langlois. The shooting is already over.

As a reminder, “Hotel” was supposed to air last January, but the lack of labor at the editorial level forced the broadcaster to immediately change its plans, and in December 2021, “Mistake 2 in the winter schedule” was programmed instead.

“Hotel” also stars Jeff Boudrault, Catherine Chabot, Christian de la Cortina, Olivier Gervais-Courchesne, Yves Lemieux, Mireille Metellus and Olivia Balacci. Maneuvers carried out by the supply continue until spring.

The first and final season airs every Thursday at 8pm on TVA.

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