Nathalie Simard shared an adorable photo with her husband during the Rachid Bathuri show

On July 27, at L’Étoile du Quartier DIX30 in Brossard, Nathalie Simert and her husband Lewis Quay Spent a pleasant evening under the theme of comedy. In fact, the couple attended a show by comedian Rachid Bhaturi and their evening was so sweet!

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Before famous comedians joined the show, Nathalie SimertThis happened Recently gave an absolutely stunning hair makeoverTo celebrate this wonderful end of summer day with her boyfriend, she went to a restaurant in the quarter.

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Also, on his Instagram account, the host expressed gratitude Rachid Bhaturi For this exceptional evening:

“A wonderful evening with @rachidbadouri!! Thank you so much dear friend for this wonderful evening!! @etoiledix30”, she began under a photo carousel.

Nathalie Simard shines in these times and seems to be spinning perfect happiness with her boyfriend!

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Congratulations to them!

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