Mariupol on fire.  The Russians didn't even take any action

“Ukrainian media alarming that in A big fire broke out in Mariupol. The apartment buildings and the school are on fire, Belsat TV wrote on Twitter.

In addition, citing sources of the Ukrainian agency Unian, Belsat reported that The Russians in Mariupol do not do any firefighting activities. The inhabitants of the occupied city had to fight the fire.

information about “the end of the world”, which affected the capital devastated by Russian fire.

Fires are expected in different parts of the city. In addition to, Mariupol should be less than just firefightersbut also water that can be used to fight fires.

“The city is dead. This is what the “Russian world” looks like– We read in the introduction of an Internet user.

The entry is accompanied by a recording showing clouds of smoke rising over the city.

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