Can the European Commission be trusted?  Media: Von der Leyen has not kept its promise to Sunak

The European Union has rejected Britain’s bid for a new deal on readmission of illegal immigrants that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had urged in the hope it would help curb their massive influx across the English Channel, Britain’s The Times reported on Tuesday.

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Sunak convinced other European leaders to reach such an agreement in May at a Council of Europe summit in Iceland, and then secured from European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen a promise of a deal between Frontex and the European and British border control agency. Agencies that would help prevent boatloads of immigrants.

Such an agreement would allow illegal immigrants entering the UK via the English Channel to be returned more quickly to countries where they previously sought asylum. This would require the UK to contribute to the resettlement costs of the hundreds of thousands of irregular migrants who arrive in the EU, for example by boat to Italy and Greece, as stowaways on ferries or in trucks across the Western Balkans.

However, according to The Times, from the notes of the meeting between Bjorn Siebert, the head of the von der Leyen government, and Tim Barrow, Britain’s national security adviser and former ambassador to the European Union, which took place in the summer, It is clear that the European Commission is not open to a readmission agreement between the UK and the EU. These notes were to be drawn up during the meeting and then sent to government departments.

According to the Times, European sources say so It is unlikely that Brussels will be able to negotiate with the UK in the near future as talks between member states on reforming the internal readmission system have stalled. Poland and Hungary oppose the mandatory separation of illegal immigrants.

At the same time, Great Britain insists on concluding a bilateral agreement with France on readmission, since the vast majority of immigrants illegally crossing the English Channel from this country come from this country, but the authorities in Paris constantly refuse, arguing that this matter must be resolved At the European-British level, not at the bilateral level.

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