Eleven children drowned in a river in the Indonesian province of West Java. They are students at a local gymnasium who participated in the process of cleaning up the garbage. At one point, the group fell into the water and the current carried them away.

The accident happened on Friday in West Java Province. Local officials said 150 students from an Islamic gymnasium took part in cleaning up the banks of the Silur River. At one point, 21 children fell into the water.

‘They were holding hands’

The children were holding hands. One of them slipped and took the rest with him, Deden Redwancih of the search and rescue office in Bandung, the administrative capital of West Java, told the media.

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Local residents and rescue workers went to the scene to help the children. in aThey managed to save 10 students who were taken to the hospital. The condition of two of them is described as severe.

Work continued. By evening, the bodies of all the eleven drowned children had been lifted out of the water.

The New York Post reported that the students were not wearing life jackets. Some reports say that the tragedy happened when students between the ages of 12 and 15 tried to cross the river.

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Rescue service representatives confirm that the weather was fine that day. “The weather was good and there was no flash flood,” Diden Redwancé said.

dk / msl / NY Post / polsatnews.pl

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