February 1, 2023


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Marilou had a rough Christmas

On December 25, Marilou, the founder of 3 fois par jour, shared a photo of her daughter with tears running down her cheeks, with a text describing the pain she feels on this “significant day” as she leaves her daughter with her father. .

Frankly, Marilou embodies what many separated parents are feeling this holiday season.

Her post was liked by more than 34,000 subscribers and shared 485 times by the end of the day on Sunday.

The nearly 2,400 testimonials she received in response to her post were messages of hope, support and understanding.

“Wholeheartedly with you… My daughter has been with her dad since Thursday and will be back tomorrow… Even after so many years, it still hurts, especially since this is not a situation I chose… I also give myself the right to cry,” said one subscriber. .

“My parents separated when I was 12 years old. Having left one or the other of my parents to celebrate the other, I lived as you live today. I started hating this party which brought so many emotions. Life has been good to me and allowed me to reconcile with Christmas by giving me the joy of giving birth to a son on Christmas Day, a surprise pregnancy! said another.

3 times a day the founder reminds his audience, “Life goes on even though it’s Christmas Day. And life is not about sharing, happiness and ecstasy.”

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