"Released, relieved": Frances Daigle lifts the veil of her stability

It was during the conference Reconstruct gender In her presentation on Friday, Franz Daigle shared that although she continues to use feminine pronouns, she also identifies as a man. For me personally identity comes firstshe says.

It was something I always knew somewhereshe says. It’s a map that you draw with points – one, two, three – and then you find the map. I had points, but the points were uncounted.

It took France Daigle 40 years to succeed Find his map.

Of course, the last decade has been more revealing than others.She points out. Finally, I came up against a kind of wall where I said to myself Well, well, what’s down there?

Frances Daigle decided to use psychological services to better understand what was going on inside her. There was an absolute need to put numbers on the dotsShe explains.

Frances Daigle during the presentation of her exhibition My art projectIn 2018.

Photo: Radio-Canada

She met a psychologist who helped her a lot with her approach.

However, France Daigle had an epiphany of sorts during a school meeting with students from northern New Brunswick, following exchanges with the youth and the speakers. To go on the scene as a spokesperson, the roles are reversed for a moment.

Arriving there, I understood more things than I knew beforeshe says. I was more shocked than anyone else.

From one thing to the next, her trans identity became apparent.

Agoraphobia, literature and intermediality

In his works, Franz Daigel often referred to the theme of agoraphobia, of which he suffers.

In retrospect, she now realizes a direct connection between her fear of public spaces and a hitherto unrecognized consistency in her writing novels.

How can I be good in the world, outside, when I’m not good inside?she says. I understand very well that I do not feel well, but I do not have the necessary elements to paint a portrait. […] It prevented me from understanding my life in a certain way.

By Franz Daigle

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Autonomic character of the novel Not bad France’s Daigle suffers from agoraphobia.

Photo: Courtesy: Les Éditions du Boréal

Taking a break from writing, Frances Daigle notes a connection between her awareness of her trans identity and the way she wrote her novels.

That’s actually my build [ses romans]Because I don’t know how else to get thereshe says. Somehow, I always have the urge to write with leftovers. I had pieces […]But I couldn’t take the big picture.

At this week’s Acadie Love Festival, Frances Daigle presented visual works made from pieces of wood taken from a building she owns.

A symbolic approach to explaining the deconstruction of gender she experienced.

A Gender revolution

Now 68 years old, the long road to self-discovery would have taken France Daigle forty years.

The author asserts that her trans identity was never suppressed, but rather that she was He doesn’t have the keys to understand it.

According to him, questions about transitioning in public often revolve around male transitioning to female.

I haven’t really found the answer to why a woman feels like a manShe explains. I was moving forward with all that, but not like that day, where I met the young people and the speakers.

Frances Daigle points out that if she had had this revelation earlier in her life, she might have considered gender reassignment surgery.

Intersex, Lesbian Pride and LBGTQ2+ community flags fly side by side.

Intersex, lesbian pride, and LBGTQ2+ community flags fly side by side at Caragate.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Réal Fradette

She now has a free spirit in her transgender face, not going under the knife at her age to avoid putting physical stress on her body.

I am happy and satisfied, liberated and relieved to understand what is happening to meshe says. And I feel more normal being trans than I have ever felt in male-female normalcy my whole life.

However, Frances Daigle says much more needs to be done in society to save the many who are suffering.

I think it is very important to teach young people about this.she says. Our society is very sexist […]. This has exploded a bit in the last five to ten years. There is also a revolution in types and everything is possible and everyone can choose a little according to their needs.

Frances Daigle is now passing the torch: Education should focus on: How do you feel? Do you feel good in your element? Mostly it is.

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