Episode removed from Daughters of Caleb |  "It's a mistake to want to erase history," believes Roy Dupuis

Netflix Canada’s decision to remove the second episode of the series Daughters of Caleb According to its main translator, Roy Dubuis, “disrespect for the story, for the author, for the series”.

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John Siak

John Siak

The historical series, directed by the late Jean Beaudin, aired on the online streaming platform until January, when it was cut from its second episode. black face “, simply argued Netflix Canada.

In this episode, Ovila’s character, played by Roy Dupuis, participates in a Christmas performance about the Nativity. He wears the costume of King Balthazar, the black magician. He paints his face black.

This prompted Netflix Canada to react, withdrawing the episode in its entirety. Without explanations.

This is a bit of an exaggeration. The series takes place on the 19th at Saint-Titee century, there were no blacks at that time, so to tell the story of the Magi, that’s what we did. It is wrong to try to erase history. I understand that this may offend people, but there are limits.

Roy Dupuis

The fact that the episode was simply withdrawn leaves a “hole in the story,” the comedian laments. “ Daughters of Caleb A novel, a story, so of course there’s a hole there. They chose the easy solution. »

Here’s Tou.tv Extra, which is also being broadcast Daughters of Caleb From September 28, this famous second chapter holds, but with it the following message: “This project is presented as it was originally created and may have different social and cultural representations of today. »

“When we rebroadcast a period series, we believe that the original work must be fully respected,” noted Radio-Canada’s senior director of promotions and public relations Mark Pichet in an email. Pres.

If the series were to be remade today, Marina Orsini co-star Roy Dupuis (Emily Portleau in this series) would play the same role as he did in 1990.

“History doesn’t happen today, it happens in the 19th century.e Century! exclaims the actor. If we were to do the Nativity today, I think we would call a black actor to do it, but at that time there were no blacks in the Saint-Title, so out of respect for the biblical story, all the characters were portrayed, including the black wise man. So today we will do the same. »

The producer doesn’t want the catchy films to get wet and the broadcasters are free to do what they want.

“Gravure is very proud to distribute the series across all platforms Daughters of Caleb, a true masterpiece of Quebec culture, its president, Richard Speer, responded by email. Of course, the series was made 30 years ago and tells the story of another era. How to deal with today’s sensibilities in the face of a series created decades ago is up to each broadcaster and we respect the decision. [de chacun]. »

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