Maria Zakharova on Donald Tusk: A strange man

Prime Minister Donald Tusk met with Finnish Prime Minister Petri Orpo, and they talked about Europe's greater involvement in security. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova pointed to the talks. She described Tusk as a “strange man.”

– Finland and Poland are fully convinced that today Europe as a whole must increase its spending several times Efforts to rebuild the defense industry. “We are ready to participate very actively in this matter,” the Polish Prime Minister said during his speech.

Tusk also pointed out that Europe You must also be prepared for the worst-case scenarios.

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– We realize that Europe must mobilize its forces and resources so that we do not…Don't you feel afraid of Russian military power?. The Prime Minister added: “This is an absolute need and we will cooperate on this issue.”

Maria Zakharova writes about “strange people”

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman decided to respond to these words Maria Zakharova. “Does this look like a strategic defeat for Russia?” – she asked in her social media post.

Strange people: They shouted about tearing apart the Russian economy, A Now they began to sing about the fear of Russian power” – Zakharova further stated.

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She also wrote – in her opinion – about the problems of the European Union. In her view, “Brussels collectivism has collapsed” and the EU must look for “new, more appropriate capital.”

These words contradict the recent EU agreement regarding Aid package for UkraineThis was agreed upon by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, despite previous opposition.

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