Hasn't been there since the '90s. The cult drink from the People's Republic of Poland is back on store shelves - o2

Puffing is back on store shelves. Produced by Tarczyn, the cult drink of the People’s Republic of Poland was present in almost every grocery store. Its popularity owes, among other things, to those whose childhood was at the end of the communist period.

Sweet taste, dark bottle and blue label with a cup with a straw and fruit on it. This is the iconic Ptyś drink. It was a soft drink chosen mainly by younger consumers. It was cheap, tasty and also available to the public. Puff was not lost in stores, it only disappeared in the 90s of the twentieth century.

The famous drink has a successor – Krzysia. However, it was not a worthy continuation of the popular product and did not appeal to a very large group of buyers. Only years later, in response to numerous consumer requests, the Ptyś drink is back in stores. It will be in an updated and slightly different version.

The new Puff bottle will be transparent, but the label is still blue. The capacity is 330ml and the cap will appear on top instead of the cap. Three flavors are planned: orange, apple, and orange, orange and grapefruit, reports “Gazzetta and Yborcza”.

Ptyś’s product is MaspexHe is responsible for many featured products. These are, among others: Tymbark, Kubuś, Tarczyn, Caprio, Nestea, Dr Witt, Tiger, Alcalia. The famous Tarczyn brand will be responsible for producing the success of the People’s Republic of Poland. This was also reported by Janusz Piechociński on Twitter:

Tarczyn brand inflatable returns to store shelves. The drink will be available in three flavors, and one day it will appear in glass bottles, but in a smaller capacity – said the ex-Prime Minister.

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