Obajtek on Orlen's new contract: It keeps us safe

The head of the Polish Fuel and Energy Service was a guest on the “Sygnały Dnia” program broadcast on Polish Radio 1 on Thursday. Talk about the merger with Lotos and the signing of a new contract by the company.

Fantastic fusion

last Wednesday PKN Orlen reveals the buyer of Lotos’ assets. The shares will go to Saudi Aramco, the gas stations – MOL, and the asphalt business will be taken over by Unimot.

Daniel Obajtik has admitted that he denied the allegations of “selling Lotus completely”. As he said, “Only a fraction of the shares of one entity were sold.” – We separated a refinery, of which we sell only 30%. We all have a controlling stake, part wholesale and part retail. (…) We have many companies in which we do not own 100 percent. Involved. The majority package is the most important. He said we’re totally insured here.

Obajtek also announced that 30 refineries have closed across Europe in 13 years. He stressed that there is an excess supply of fuel and that such refineries need to be transformed into refineries that produce petrochemicals. “We are building a multi-energy company that will be able to carry out fuel and energy conversion, which will invest in research and development and petrochemicals on the common balance sheet,” he added.

new deal

As the head of the concern said, PKN Orlen has signed a contract to supply 20 million tons of crude oil to our region. – This ensures the safety and quality of the crude oil, as well as the right types of crude oil on which we can build petrochemicals. These are just the benefits, said Daniel Obajtik.

It’s about Orlin’s contract with the Saudi Arabian Oil Company. It will guarantee delivery from 200 to 337 thousand. barrels per day, After merging with Lotus. In total, the contract is 400 thousand. barrels a day, but 30 per cent. It will be allocated to Saudi Aramco in accordance with the prepared contribution.

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