Margot Robbie should play Harley Quinn again.  This is what James Gunn wants

Margot Robbie He's been Harley Quinn for 10 years. The actress found herself perfectly in this crazy role, and many fans were probably sad when they read her admission that she would gladly hand the role over to another actress. It turns out that James Gunn shares their opinion too, as he suggested the role still belongs to her.

It is also clear that both Junway In addition to the Warner Bros. studio. Eager to collaborate more with this talented actress who has been very popular lately. This is clearly evident in the great openness about her remaining in the DCU, as there is no objection to her playing another role if it were not for Harley Quinn.

James Gunn would like Margot Robbie to continue playing Harley Quinn

I haven't talked to Margot about Harley in a long time, but I would love to talk to her again. There are no plans for anyone else to play the role at this time. Except for the Joker movie, Todd Phillips, and the animated series.

It is worth noting here that both Joker and the above-mentioned animated series are independent from the film universe Sing It's just a creation. It's safe to say that there is no specific Harley yet in the rebooted DCU, which would make it very easy for Margot Robbie to return to this iconic role. On the other hand, the actress's statements politely indicate that perhaps she is tired of this character, so she will not regret parting ways with it and moving on to something else.

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