Louis de Funes died 40 years ago.  When he was entertaining people on stage, he was hiding a painful secret

from him ¶the death 40 years have passed, but still Movies With him in the lead role is still popular. The actor of the sixties had a rather interesting and mysterious private life, which was connected with his career. Already at school, he showed acting skills, which was seen in imitation of teachers. Date Luis de Fonesa is full of amazing twists and turns. Check out what the life and work of the famous Frenchman looked like the actorwho won the hearts of many viewers as the gendarmerie of Saint-Tropez.

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adventurer by choice. The youthful years of Louis de Funes

School for the actor was like the first set of the movie. Already there, he showed his acting abilities, which manifested themselves in an unpleasant way for adults. Little Louis made fun of the teachers. However, he was offered a role in the City Theater when he was 12 years old. Interestinglywas a harbinger of his further acting career, because as a teenager he played a gendarme. He received his further education at a vocational school, but it did not last long due to his adventurous nature nature It results in Louis being kicked out of the facility’s walls. Then he entered the art school, where he chose the cinema department. However, he had to wait a long time for his theatrical premiere.

Life does not begin until the age of fifty? Louis de Funes Acting Career

The actor confirmed himself Notoriety thanks to the brilliant role of the famous gendarme from Saint-Tropez. Thanks to this speech, the guy became a very popular comedian. Louis de Funes also played in films such as: “wing or leg” or “megalomania” or “the great tramp”. The actor was undoubtedly an outstanding actor. However, his private life was not so great. He had health problems.

The mystery of Louis de Funes. Family life was not the best

The guy married a famous tennis player early. He was only 22 years old. But an idyllic life newly married It didn’t take long. At a drama workshop, the actor met a woman, Gina, with whom he was having an affair. He abandoned his first wife and son marriage Gene. He did not renew contact with his eldest son. Louis de Funes died in 1983 of a third heart attack.

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