Biggest Trade Boards of 2021. List of Losers

The blockbuster hits hit theaters in 2021, but some of the most awaited movies took their toll. Surprisingly, many of the high-quality products have generated far less profit than their budget this year. In addition, the talent of great actors and directors, and strong promotion from the studio should contribute to greater success.

The following titles are perfect examples of how any movie, regardless of merit, can fail. Especially if the audience is not filling up the cinemas which is difficult in times of a public health crisis.

Solo projects had their first hybrid show, which had a huge impact on ticket sales. Americans watched them on HBO Max to find out the price of a subscription, and the rest of the world was getting hacked. outlet It publishes weekly lists of the most popular pirated products. The data showed that interest in illegal access to these videos was high.

It should be noted that the “financial bomb” does not necessarily mean a catastrophic failure. Some of the following productions have received enthusiastic responses from critics and audiences alike, while the “funny” films are actually making money.

List of lost titles

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