Adam Sandler is preparing a sequel to the 90s comedy “Lucky Gilmore.”
Do you remember the 1996 comedy “Lucky Gilmore”? Everything indicates that after about 30 years we can expect it to continue. At least that's what Christopher MacDonald says.

Adam Sandler already has the first version of the plot of “Lucky Gilmore 2”

Christopher McDonald is the actor who starred in the original film “Varciarzo Gilmurzi”. He revealed in a recent radio interview that he recently met Adam Sandler. this Show him the outline of the script for “Happy Gilmore 2”.

If the film was indeed planned, it would almost certainly have been made for Netflix. Sandler has been associated with her for many years, and thanks to his cooperation with her, he became the highest-paid actor last year according to Forbes magazine.

Who is Lucky Gilmore?

“Farsea's Gilmore” It is a comedy film in which Adam Sandler plays the role of Happy Gilmore. The hero dreamed of a career as a hockey player. Unfortunately, it didn't work well on the ice rink. When his grandmother's house is auctioned off due to debts, he decides to try golf. If he can win the tournament, he will get the money and save the house.

The problem is that Happy knows nothing about golf. Fortunately, he meets former champion Chubs Peterson. He becomes his trainer, preparing him to fight the current champion, Shooter McGavin. He will stop at nothing to stay on top.

MacDonald played the shooter in the film.

Trailer for the movie “Lucky Gilmore”.

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