maja staśko mata

Feminist and leftist activist Maja Stako recorded a video of how to throw several matas in the trash. There has also been strong criticism of fast food. However, not everything went as planned, because she was crushed by negative comments, and the matter was also commented by sports journalist Krzysztof Stanovsky.

Maja Staśko Don’t throw away the mat set

The activist posted a video entitled “Maja Stako throws the rug set,” which is just a click taste. She had no intention of wasting food. She mentioned that she would give it to her friends. How do you rate Mata’s cooperation with McDonald’s?

I will go further into consumerism and how a model for others can influence them and consumers and their eating habits, bringing them closer and making them dependent on the brand. Drive the fact that they will sell their data or email addresses to McDonald, trusting Matt’s authority that nothing bad will happen, but in fact McDonald has already put you in their databases. – He explains.

It really benefits people’s bodies, lives, and health. McDonald’s has been doing this for years, not only underpaying its employees, but also exploiting the entire livestock industry, but also influencing consumers through very different manipulation techniques. Why does the rapper get involved in all of this, what does he give him other than money? Is breastfeeding on young bodies worth it? Especially since Matta is not a man who barely makes ends meet. – He adds.

The number of negative reviews below the video is devastating:

Krzysztof Stanovsky mocks the activist

Famous sports journalist Krzysztof Stanovsky, who had Stako in his heart, has long decided to comment on her film and point out her hypocrisy. Here is what he wrote:

– Maya Stako took care of the grapes around Mata:

  • The taste of the drink is unknown (did not try it because it contains milk).
  • You don’t know the taste of a burger (didn’t try it because it contains meat)
  • Almost fries
  • Mata advertises the company for money

But we got the best. Well, Mata and McDonald’s profit from selling unhealthy food, “feeding people’s bodies”, obesity. The same Maja just said that there are no people who need to lose weight and that every weight is fine, because without body shaking. Stanovsky Books.

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